Dairy like never before
Heal our planet by transforming our habits

Experience new depths of flavor

We've made the world's best cheese from the world's largest mammals

Good for you: better for the planet

Deep Sea Dairy is restoring marine populations to pre-industrial levels

A new standard in corporate responsibility

Take a breath. We're reversing anthropogenic climate change

The world's best cheese is also the world's kindest cheese.

Our Process
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"This is simply the best cheese I've ever tasted. It blows my mind that it's not produced at a farm."

Sam Jackson

Independent Shoe Salesman
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Unbelievable. I'd given up dairy for good; I just couldn't justify the enormous ethical cost. I'm relieved I can eat cheese again.

Nathan Baylee

Simian Field Reseacher
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The Maritime Blue floored me. I've eaten cheese all around the world – never like this.

Eric Lacquer

Marketing Lead, Oculus

It's time to stop taking from nature. Let's give back together.

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