Is this a joke?

No, this isn't a joke, and we're here to stay. We're betting that the future of dairy products has room for innovation, and history has borne this out. Soy milk was once considered unconventional but can now be found in supermarkets worldwide. We believe our whale milk products can follow the same path.

Is this really the first cheese has been made with whale milk?

Yes, to the best of our knowledge. Whale milk has periodically been studied throughout the past two centuries, but in our research we've never found reference to dairy products being made from whales.

How do you ensure the whales' wellbeing?

Treating whales ethically and with respect is our #1 priority. All whales participate on a strictly voluntary basis; whales approach our vessels, not the other way around. Our milk collection teams are staffed with marine biologists and we perform regular checkups on all whales before, during, and after milk collection takes place.

What species of whales do you collect milk from?

All of our cheeses are produced from 100% Pacific gray whale milk, collected off the western seaboard of North America.

How does the cheese taste?

Whale cheese is notably creamy and rich thanks to the high fat content in the milk. The flavor profile is unique. There's a subtle saltiness to the cheese, reminiscent of the sea. It's distinctly a product of the ocean: many tasters find it subtly reminds them of fresh oysters or crisp ocean air.

I'm located outside the US. Can I still buy whale cheese?

Unfortunately no. We're currently only shipping within the United States, though we plan to expand internationally as soon as we can.