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"We created Deep Sea Dairy to bring humans closer to nature. As cheesemakers it's our responsibility to look for better ways to live."

Don Harrington
"Modern dairy farming is an environmental catastrophe. Cows are kept cramped and unsanitary conditions and are impregnated just to keep milk flowing. Nearly half of the US is dedicated to livestock production. Dairy farming alone is responsible for 4% of all anthropogenic climate change. We waste 1000 gallons of water to make just 1 gallon of milk. We can’t go on like this."
Mark Linneaus
Cheif Scientist

We have the technology to look beyond the land and out to sea. Our oceans hold the key to our survival.

‍Though they were once hunted to near extinction, whales now patrol our world’s seas in huge numbers. A single gray whale, when milked, has the productive capacity of 500 dairy cows. Whale milking also has an incredibly an low environmental impact. Whale milk requires no additional feedstock. No water consumption. No antibiotics. And no ethical compromises.

All milk used for our cheese production is sourced from wild, healthy whales.

At Deep Sea Dairy, we believe in more than just cheesemaking. We’re committed to supporting scientific research and improving animal welfare. We have pledged to donate 20% of all profits towards studying whale ecology, ensuring their wellbeing, and preserving marine habitats. We are on a path to achieving B-corp certification and will be carbon negative by 2025.


Don Harrington, CEO

Don Harrington is a seasoned entrepreneur who draws upon the rich heritage of his family's dairy farm in central Oregon. For two decades, he stewarded the business with a dedicated hand, fostering its growth and solidifying its place in the regional dairy market.  

In 2017 Don passed the reins of the family business to his brother, ready to embark on his lifelong dream: to revolutionize the dairy industry.


Mark Linneaus, Chief Scientist

Mark Linneaus has dedicated more than 20 years to investigating how diet and environment shape mammalian milk production. His teams have established multiple novel techniques and have revolutionized milk collection and species health monitoring.

In 2010, Mark pioneered the development of a non-invasive method to gather milk from dolphins and porpoises. Recognizing the untapped potential of his pioneering work, Mark left academia in 2018 to create Deep Sea Dairy.

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